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BruceCuffleberry & Co. have formed a partnership with All Dogs Matter, a UK dog charity which rescues abandoned and unwanted dogs.  All Dogs Matter pair each dog with the best new owner, ensuring that it will be safe, cared for and loved for the rest of its life.

All Dogs Matter, based in Highgate North London, was founded in 2009 and have been rescuing dogs which are strays from pounds, which otherwise would be put to sleep or simply dogs whose owners no longer can or want to keep them.  In the current climate however, there is a growing demand for the rescue services.

The work of All Dogs Matter, is completed in three stages. The first identifies and takes on the dogs in need of help, like Bruce. All Dogs Matter, then find foster homes, where the dogs can be assessed, checking their health, including microchipping them, neutering and vaccinating the dogs. They then find the dogs, their forever homes.

Bruce (pictured left in his little red jacket) was found abandoned in a park in North London.  At only 8 weeks old, Bruce had an ear, eye and urine infection, and was burnt several times.  He was severely underweight and undernourished.  Luckily for Bruce, he found the right love and care from All Dogs Matter, and after some much needed TLC and antibiotics, he found his forever home.

ADM dog
On the 22nd– 24th April, Cuffleberry & Co. is hosting a photographic exhibition in London to help raise money for All Dogs Matter.  The exhibition – called “Canine & Companions – Women and Their Dogs”- will showcase the special relationship between women and their dogs with a unique collection of photos taken by fashion photographer Andrew Lamb. Proceeds from the sale of the photos will go direct to the charity.

You’re welcome to visit the exhibition between 22nd April and 24th April, located at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, London.