What’s different about your pet food?

Just open a can or foil tray of Cuffleberry & Co and you’ll notice the difference straight away. You will see meaty chunks and visually fruit or vegetables in a succulent gravy or fine pate. Recipes are enhanced with a pinch of aromatic herbs to give your special friend exquisite food that not only tastes great it looks and smells great too.

Is fruit good for my dog?

Fruit in Cuffleberry & Co is safe and delicious for consumption by dogs. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy, aiding digestion, building immunity, helping with eyesight development as well as being good for healthier skin and fur.  See our ingredients page for more information

How much salt does your pet food contain?

Foil Tray – typically 0.3%
Canned Pate – typically 0.2%
Canned Chunks in Gravy– Typically 0.15%

Does your pet food contain soya?

No, Cuffleberry & Co contains no soya

Why is your pet food more expensive than other food?

It’s because the quality and range of ingredients we use are of a higher standard.

Can I feed your pet food to my puppy?

Because the nutritional needs of a puppy are different, we would suggest feeding a good quality puppy food until your pet reaches adulthood. When he’s ready you can switch foods over a period of 3 – 5 days, slowly reducing the amount of current food and increasing the amount of Cuffleberry & Co.

How do I introduce my pet to your food?

Changing food should be done in stages over a few days by mixing current food with Cuffleberry & Co. Do this over a period of 3- 5 days to avoid any upset stomachs

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, we are committed to protecting the environment we live in there fore proud to say, all of our packaging is recyclable. The can, foil tray and the sleeve

Can I mix dry food with your food?

Yes, you can mix dry food with Cufflberry & Co. Simply replace ½ a can with 50g your preferred dry complete dog food or ½ a foil tray with 35g of your preferred dry complete dog food

Do we use additives, colours, flavours?

The only additives used in the production of this product are nutritional and technological additives. These are added to ensure that your pet receives all of the correct nutrients required to sustain a healthy happy life and to make the product more visually appealing to the owner. No artificial colours or flavours are added to the product.

Is Cuffleberry & Co gluten free?

Yes we are gluten free as we don’t have wheat and cereal present in any of our recipes.

How much sugar is in Cuffleberry & Co?

A small amount of sugar is in our dog food which is from the natural sugars from the fruit, this all adds to the overall flavour of Cuffleberry & Co

How much carbohydrates is there in Cuffleberry & Co?

Carbohydrates are great as a source of energy for your dog. Cuffleberry & Co are low carbohydrates and meat based dog food.